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  • Storage Bottles $2.50$5.00

    Empty plastic storage bottles have a fluorination treatment to help reduce solvent and chemical permeation. Bottles are sold individually and twist tops are sold separately.

  • PB Remove A Bull H.S. $8.95$67.95

    Remove A Bull H.S. is a liquid product used to remove excess paint around chips or scratches when doing touch up that will not damage the underlying paint. Remove-A-Bull will leave the vehicle with a high gloss and will not scratch.

  • AM800 Spot Primer- Gray – 11.3 oz. $29.49

    AM800 Spot Prime is a 1K, fast drying, easy sanding primer that provides excellent adhesion plus good color hold-out. AM800 can be applied over cured, cleaned and sanded paint finishes and bare steel.

  • Power Gel – 20 gram $10.50

    Power Gel is a thick cyanoacrylate adhesive. Recommended to be used where maximum filling or heavy texture is required. Can also be used to fix vinyl in areas where flexibility is not essential or for thin vinyl where heat can not be used. For example, cracks in armrests, dashes, door panels or console covers.

  • BASF UR50 Reducer- Standard Reducer $6.80$108.80

    Diamont UR50 is a Universal Spot and Panel Reducer which is recommended for use with Diamont Basecoat colors.

    Temperature Range: 68°F to 80°F

  • DC01NB Energy Saving Speed Clear $22.40$358.40

    DC01NB Energy Saving Speed Clear is a Super Fast, no-bake, two-component acrylic urethane clear.
    DC01NB flash time between coats is 3-5 minutes and it can be buffed after 15-30 minutes under air-dry conditions.

    DC01NB Clear produces a high gloss, durable automotive finish that is recommended for spot repair and up to 3-panel repairs for top coating Diamont and ONYX HD basecoat colors.

    DC01NB Clear can be used with any of the DH hardeners found in the Hardener section.


    Mixing Ratio is 3:1:15%

  • AM900- Pre-Kleano – 10.5 oz. $24.35

    A silicone, wax, grease, tar and road-oil dissolving solvent. It will remove contamination from exisiting paint films.

    Conventional aerosol products spray out in a round quarter shap. In contrast, R-M® Aero-Max™ products using the SprayMax® technology have the typical fan spray pattern that professional painters get when using a normal spray gun. Not only do Aero-Max products feel and spray like a spray gun. The bottom line: Aero-MAX™ is a system of aerosol products that provides superior performance.

  • DH14 Hardener- Standard Hardener $35.60$458.24

    R-M Diamont DH14 is a urethane catalyst which is used to make the topcoat crosslink to a hard, durable finish. Recommended to be used with LC4100 Clear.

    Suggested Temperature: Below 70°F

  • Paint Bull Express Clear $17.60$140.80
    Exclusive Paint Bull Express Clear is priced low but competes with some of the most expensive clear coats on the market This clear is designed for blending and spot panel repairs while leaving a fantastic finish behind.  
    The Express Clear uses the same Standard Reducer and Standard Hardener used with most clear coats we already stock.  Because it works with the current line of reducer and hardener you can adjust it to any climate, hot or cold.
  • 900 Pre Kleano- Surface Prep $6.40$102.40

    R-M 900 Pre-Kleano is a solvant cleaner that is designed to remove silicone, wax, grease, road tar, and oils. It is recommended to use this product to clean/prep an area before you begin painting. Pre-Kleano will slightly penetrate existing paint for good adhesion for the following paint coats.

  • Waterless Wash $4.95$15.95

    Paint Bull’s Waterless Wash is ready to use and is perfect any time of year even in the freezing cold winter months, it doesn’t freeze on the panels of the vehicle.  Waterless Wash can be used prior to starting a repair by cleaning off the dirt and dust for the panel.  It can also be used after you have completed a touch-up repair to remove the residue left behind from the Remove-A-Bull HS or other overspray removers.

  • UBR200 Blending Solvent- Spot Blender $28.40$119.99

    Diamont UBR200 Universal Blending Solvent was developed specifically to allow you to blend in an area of clear over a small repair.

  • XXX Gun Cleaner – Universal $13.49

    XXX Gun Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaning solvent and paint gun cleaner made by SEM. 77743 is also strong enough for removing grease, adhesives, dirt, grime, paint overspray and for cleaning spray equipment. XXX is not recommended for use on plastic or painted surfaces as it may soften and discolor.

  • HB002- Hydrobase $59.20$236.80

    HB002- Hydrobase is used in every formula when mixing paint with the RM Onyx paint system. Hydrobase is the chemical that is responsible for making the Onyx toner waterborne.

  • SB01 Low VOC Mixing Clear $31.60$126.40

    SB01 Low VOC Mixing Clear is an additive included in the R-M ONYX HD Low VOC Productive System. The low VOC basecoat system is an advanced system that provides similar drying properties of solventborne basecoats.

  • DH16 Hardener- Slow Hardener $35.60$458.24

    R-M Diamont DH16 is a urethane catalyst which is used to make the topcoat crosslink to a hard, durable finish. Recommended to be used with LC4100 Clear.

    Suggested Temperature 70°F – 85°F

  • Putty Spreader $0.89

    Yellow plastic putty spreader.

  • HB020 – Hydromix $28.80$152.10

    HB020 Hydromix is the basecoat reducer

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