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  • Extra Foamy Cleaner- Aerosol $4.89

    Unique foaming cleaner that is designed to clean and condition vinyl, plastic, cloth, leather and hard surfaces. Deep cleaning foaming action lifts dirt and helps restore true color and appearance. Excellent for use on auto upholstery, floor mats and carpets, Also use in kitchens and bathrooms as an effective hard surface cleaner.

  • PB TSR- Tough Scuff Remover $9.95$82.95

    T.S.R’s product formulation removes bugs, tar, tree sap, and road grime from your car’s finish and restores a deep gloss shine. The formula clings to vertical surfaces, allowing it to penetrate for better cleaning performance. Not only will it clean, this product also leaves a shiny protective wax barrier that helps prevent future bugs and grime from sticking to exterior surfaces.

  • Ultimate Wheel Cleaner $14.95$64.95

    Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is a non acid ph balanced wheel cleaner that is safe for all types of wheels.

    Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner will safely and effectively remove brake dust and metallic contamination from all wheel types including, chrome, painted, clear coated, aluminum, steel, alloy and all other types of wheels.

    This unique formula will attack brake dust, grime and dirt buildup on the wheel with specific ingredients that will not harm your wheel. Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner will change from flourescent yellow when you spray it on the wheel to a deep red color as it cleans the wheel.

  • PB Speed Cut $6.50$89.00

    New and Improved Formulation!!

    Cut compound designed to combat deeper scratches & heavy oxidisation. Ultra clean polishing process with no masking required. Very fast & simple to use. Leaves a high gloss finish. Suitable for use on all OEM & refinish paint systems.

    *Recommended to be used with Speed Wool Pad for best results

  • PB Speed Glaze $6.50$89.00

    Speed Glaze system removes fine scratches, holograms, swirl marks & restores faded colors. The ultimate in speed & efficiency. Suitable for use on all OEM & refinish paint systems.

    *Recommended to be used with Speed Black Foam Pad.

  • PB Interior Refresh Odor Remover $6.95$8.95

    This product can be used as a general air freshener or an odor remover.  This can be used to completly nuetralize the maldodor, if the odor still exsists the product hasn’t reached the source of the odor.  Controls odors from urine, feses, mildew, rancidity, can be used on fabric, carpets, drapes, and hard surfaces.  

  • PB Interior Refresh Smoke Eliminator $15.00$22.00

    This product is used to remove tobacco smoke smell from anywhere, your vehicle, your home, and even you.  Spray liberally to cover carpet, headliner, and fabric uphosltery, avoiding direct contanct with plastic or wood.  This spray can even be used to remove tobacco smoke from your clothes!

  • PB Interior Refresh Cleaner $4.95$6.95

    This one product does it all -cleans and removes odors.  This will clean and remove odors from organic based stains including mold and mildew.  Cleans carpets, floor mats, upholstery, door panels and dash surfaces.  Leaves the vehcile smelling clean and fresh.  

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