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  • Detail Brushes – Package of 12 $29.50

    Fine tip paint brush used for paint touch up repairs. The brushes are 7/64″ in diameter and the hair length is 13/32″. The handle is walnut laquered with a seamless aluminum ferrule that is solvent resistant. The overall length of the brush is aproximately 7 1/2″ long.

  • XXX Gun Cleaner – Universal $13.49

    XXX Gun Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaning solvent and paint gun cleaner made by SEM. 77743 is also strong enough for removing grease, adhesives, dirt, grime, paint overspray and for cleaning spray equipment. XXX is not recommended for use on plastic or painted surfaces as it may soften and discolor.

  • Naked Gun – Spray Gun Paint Remover $11.95

    Naked Gun® Spray Gun Paint Remover provides a powerful aerosol spray stream that removes both solvent and waterborne paints from hard to reach areas.  There is no need for special equipment or time-consuming dipping, thereby reducing cost.  Removes paint from spray gun bodies, tips, and cups, as well as many other shop surfaces.  Meets national VOC regulations.

  • Pipe Cleaners $2.95

    Pipe cleaners sold by the 100 count.

  • Putty Spreader $0.89

    Yellow plastic putty spreader.

  • Q-Tips $2.95

    100% pure cotton tip with a firm paper stick.

  • Quick Mix Filler Board Sheets $18.49

    Quick Mix Sheets comes on a masonite board with strap on back for ease of holding. Mix on top sheet then remove for next mix which eliminates the need to clean a regualr mixing board. The size of the sheets are 12″ x 12″.

  • Razor Blades $8.99

    Contains 100 single edge blades.

  • Rubberized Undercoating $7.82

    Rubberized Undercoating provides a protective coating to help revent rust and corrosion, reduce noise, seal out moisture and protects against salt.  Great for fender replacements, new panels, section repairs, undercarriage and weld joints.

  • SEM Chip Guard – Clear $37.99

    SEM Chip Guard protects vulnerable lower panels from chipping and corrosion. Spray patterns may be varied to match factory textures.

  • SEM Guide Coat- Black $9.49

    SEM Guide Coat is designed to provide a visual guide to a smooth surface when sanding most primer surfaces and body fillers. Guide Coat Black helps detect low spots, sand scratches or other minor imperfections in the repair. The quick drying formula won’t clog sandpaper.

  • SEM Trim Black $18.99

    Trim aerosol paint usaed to paint any black metal around the vehicle, such as wiper arms.

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