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  • DC92 High Solids Clear $22.40$358.40
  • Paint Bull Express Clear $17.60$140.80
    Exclusive Paint Bull Express Clear is priced low but competes with some of the most expensive clear coats on the market This clear is designed for blending and spot panel repairs while leaving a fantastic finish behind.  
    The Express Clear uses the same Standard Reducer and Standard Hardener used with most clear coats we already stock.  Because it works with the current line of reducer and hardener you can adjust it to any climate, hot or cold.
  • Waterless Wash $4.95$15.95

    Paint Bull’s Waterless Wash is ready to use and is perfect any time of year even in the freezing cold winter months, it doesn’t freeze on the panels of the vehicle.  Waterless Wash can be used prior to starting a repair by cleaning off the dirt and dust for the panel.  It can also be used after you have completed a touch-up repair to remove the residue left behind from the Remove-A-Bull HS or other overspray removers.

  • DH 46 Normal Hardener $63.20$252.80
  • PB Speed Cut $6.50$89.00

    New and Improved Formulation!!

    Cut compound designed to combat deeper scratches & heavy oxidisation. Ultra clean polishing process with no masking required. Very fast & simple to use. Leaves a high gloss finish. Suitable for use on all OEM & refinish paint systems.

    *Recommended to be used with Speed Wool Pad for best results

  • PB Speed Glaze $6.50$89.00

    Speed Glaze system removes fine scratches, holograms, swirl marks & restores faded colors. The ultimate in speed & efficiency. Suitable for use on all OEM & refinish paint systems.

    *Recommended to be used with Speed Black Foam Pad.

  • PB Interior Refresh Cleaner $4.95$6.95

    This one product does it all -cleans and removes odors.  This will clean and remove odors from organic based stains including mold and mildew.  Cleans carpets, floor mats, upholstery, door panels and dash surfaces.  Leaves the vehcile smelling clean and fresh.  

  • PB Interior Refresh Odor Remover $6.95$8.95

    This product can be used as a general air freshener or an odor remover.  This can be used to completly nuetralize the maldodor, if the odor still exsists the product hasn’t reached the source of the odor.  Controls odors from urine, feses, mildew, rancidity, can be used on fabric, carpets, drapes, and hard surfaces.  

  • PB Interior Refresh Smoke Eliminator $15.00$22.00

    This product is used to remove tobacco smoke smell from anywhere, your vehicle, your home, and even you.  Spray liberally to cover carpet, headliner, and fabric uphosltery, avoiding direct contanct with plastic or wood.  This spray can even be used to remove tobacco smoke from your clothes!

  • PB Pro Clean Leather Cleaner $14.95$49.95

    A water based light duty cleaner for all leathers. Cleans without removing color (always test a small area first). Can be used on all leathers, including aniline or suede leather.

  • PB Tri-Clean $14.95$45.99

    An excellent water based prep cleaner used before re-coloring. Breaks down the original top clear and color. Leaves the surface slighly tacky ready for color to be applied. Also removes stains from carpets, fabrics and headliner.

  • Spray Bottles $2.50$3.00

    Plastic bottles which a spray trigger would fit on. Spray triggers sold separately.

    Out of stock

  • Storage Bottles $2.50$5.00

    Empty plastic storage bottles have a fluorination treatment to help reduce solvent and chemical permeation. Bottles are sold individually and twist tops are sold separately.

  • Pipe Cleaners $2.95

    Pipe cleaners sold by the 100 count.

  • Power Gel – 20 gram $10.50

    Power Gel is a thick cyanoacrylate adhesive. Recommended to be used where maximum filling or heavy texture is required. Can also be used to fix vinyl in areas where flexibility is not essential or for thin vinyl where heat can not be used. For example, cracks in armrests, dashes, door panels or console covers.

  • Putty Spreader $0.89

    Yellow plastic putty spreader.

  • Q-Tips $2.95

    100% pure cotton tip with a firm paper stick.

  • Quick Mix Filler Board Sheets $18.49

    Quick Mix Sheets comes on a masonite board with strap on back for ease of holding. Mix on top sheet then remove for next mix which eliminates the need to clean a regualr mixing board. The size of the sheets are 12″ x 12″.

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