Shield Pro 9h Ceramic Coating

There’s no doubt products for protecting a vehicles’ finish have come a long way over the years; from the beginning of paste waxes requiring hours of elbow grease to the easy wipe on wipe off products of today-the evolution has never stopped.  Ceramic coatings are the latest incarnation of vehicle protective coating and its hard to comprehend how a product could get better.

Ceramic coatings are a liquid polymer which chemically adheres to a vehicles finish providing a durable layer of protection measured at 9H.  What does 9H mean? Great Question-it refers to a hardness level as measured on a Mohs Hardness scale.  Glass measures in at 5h on the Mohs scale and a diamond measures in at 10h.  And as they say, 9 out of 10 ain’t bad.

We’ve been working with and are totally impressed with the Jax Wax Shield Pro 9H kit.  It’s easy to work with, is priced right and is all it is supposed to be.  The complete kit which comes with Shield Prep (to strip the vehicles finish or wax, dirt and grime prior to application) applicators and towels runs $139 and is quite frankly enough for two vehicles.  For a new vehicle fresh off a dealer’s lot, we charge $499, however a vehicle in need of paint correction we charge $799+.  The application process takes about an hour for two coats with an hour of dry time between layers.

This is one of those products you have to try to believe so apply it on your personal vehicle and just like us-You’ll be convinced.

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