New Rupes Polishing System is Here!

This new polishing system is without a doubt the easiest most user friendly polishing system on the market today.  We use this on a daily basis to provide both our wholesale and retail customers with what we describe as an 80% paint correction service.  This one step process takes about an hour to complete which we offer for $125 and includes a paint touch up.   Using the Rupes Bigfoot random orbital polisher virtually eliminates the possibilities of burning through clear coat and leave NO SWIRLS.   The key component of this system (beyond the technology built into the Rupes Bigfoot polisher) is the new Uno Protect Polish.  The product provides a good level of cutting ability when paired with one of the included wool pads and also applies an amazing Paint Sealant.  This leaves an incredibly smooth finish with protection lasting a solid 2-3 months.

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