Hawaiian Shine – Product Highlight

You’re sitting on a warm, tropical beach. The smell of pineapples & coconuts fill the air. Waves crash against the shore & you realize, you’re home. No literally, you’re in front of your house, microfiber cloth in-hand, spraying down your ride for its first wash of the summer. And those aren’t pineapples you’re smelling; it’s the sweet scent of Jax Wax’s Hawaiian Shine.

Hawaiian Shine is a versatile detail spray was that can be used on a wet or dry surface,  It removes finger prints, smudges and surface dust from paint, chrome, glass and plastic while creating an unmatched shine.

Use it on wet or dry surfaces for a brilliant, glossy finish. Hawaiian Shine can be used as a simple wipe on buff off product with a micro-fiber towel.  It can also be used as a drying aid while the vehicle is still wet after your rinse spray on liberally to each panel and dry with your micro-fiber towel.  Then use your plush micro-fiber towel to buff any wax residue that is left behind after the drying process.

Hawaiian Shine is available in four convenient sizes to fit everyone’s needs from the car guy who likes to keep his car looking good to the professional detailer.

16 oz.    $6.95
32 oz.  $10.95
Gallon  $24.95
5 gallon  $74.95
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