AM826 UV Primer

AM826 Aero-Max Flash Fill UV Primer is a one component, high build, UV curable primer for application over galvanized, aluminum alloys, steel, old paint, fiberglass, SMC, and body fillers. AM826 produces an easy to use, high build, fast automotive undercoat. It also has an excellent sag resistance and is easy to apply. The highly durable, solvent resistant film, is superior to many conventional acrylic polyurethane primers.

Since this is a UV primer you will need either sunlight, which will have a longer cure time or a UV light to cure it.  See the Tech Sheet for addititonal application instructions.  

This primer is usually $51.85 per can we are clearing it out at $30.00 per can.  We have a total of 26 cans in stock. 

SKU: 085196