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  • Paint Bull Aerosol Ground Coats $29.95$209.65

    When it comes to providing a superior topcoat finish, ground coats are an integral part of the refinish process.  By using a ground coat, you reduce the amount of color required for the repair, in fact certain colors require the use of a ground coat to achieve a proper match.   The RM Diamont paint system includes 7 different ground coats with the SmartColor software showing which one to use based on the color being sprayed.


  • PB Clean-A-Bull $6.00$96.00

    Solvent based cleaner used to remove any comtaminants from surfaces to be painted and to promote good adhesion.

  • PB2 Blender $11.60$185.60

    Used to blend and dry edges left from spraying clearcoat in MicroPatch. When used correctly it will produce an invisble repair. PB2 Blender is very thin and should be sprayed quickly and lightly to avoid runs.

  • PB Remove A Bull H.S. $8.95$67.95

    Remove A Bull H.S. is a liquid product used to remove excess paint around chips or scratches when doing touch up that will not damage the underlying paint. Remove-A-Bull will leave the vehicle with a high gloss and will not scratch.

  • PB Thickener – 4 oz. $29.95

    Thickener is used as a leveling agent added to the paint during the chip repair process to provide thickness to the basecoat. Gives volume and sheen (satin finish). Used strictly for chip repair and only compatible with solvent paint systems. Sold in 4oz quantities.

    **NOT compatible with Onyx or any other waterbourne paint toners**

  • Thinner $6.35$29.99

    General purpose laquer thinner is recommended to be used to clean up tools and paint equipment.

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