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  • BigFoot Claw Pad Tool $16.99

    A multi-function tool designed to promote efficiency. The BigFoot Claw Pad Tool features a brush for clearing compound residues from pads to maintain consistent polishing performance and on the other end a “claw” used to separate the pads from the backing plate.  The BigFoot Claw Pad Tool is a simple tool that can have a serious impact on your efficiency.

  • D-A Coarse Blue Foam Pad $13.49$16.25

    The D-A Coarse foam pad is specially designed to be used with a random orbital buffer.  The unique open-cell foam material removes mild to severe defects from most paint systems when paired with Rupes DA-Coarse compound.

  • D-A Coarse Cutting Compound – 8.45 oz. $17.99

    D-A Coarse is a high-performance compound from RUPES designed to remove defects and deliver an impressive finish.  D-A Coarse continues the BigFoot polishing system tradition fast cutting, impressive finishing capability, and smooth operator experience with low dust and effortless wipe off.  This compound is formulated to maximize the polishing power of all dual action polishers. Use the RUPES D-A Coarse Compound with BigFoot D-A Coarse blue foam pads, or D-A wool pads to remove up to a 1500 grit sanding scratches on most automotive paints, gel coat, and similar surfaces.  The powerful cutting ability and unexpected level of finish quality produced by the RUPES D-A coarse compound make it an ideal solution for automotive clear coat, gel coat, lacquer, and many other surfaces in several industries.


    8.5 oz bottle

  • D-A Fine Polishing Compound – 8.45 oz. $15.99

    D-A Fine combines the power to quickly polish away moderate paint defects with the finesse essential to producing a stunning haze-free finish on automotive paint, gel coat, and similar surfaces.  This unique fusion of performance is the result of RUPES extensive development and testing process combined with our technical expertise as a world leader in surface correction.  BigFoot D-A Fine maximizes the finishing ability of all D_A polishers when used with the BigFoot D-A fine foam, or wool pads.  Use this amazing fine polishing compound by itself to remove moderate defect and create a gloss on softer finishes or as a second step to further refine a surface corrected with BigFoot D-A Coarse Cutting Polishing Compound.

  • D-A Fine Yellow Foam Pad $9.95$16.25

    The D-A Fine foam pad is the most versatile foam pad in the Rupes BigFoot range, delivering an effective rate of defect removal and capability for high-gloss finishing on most paint systems.  Pair with Rupes DA-Fine Polishing Compound for moderate to fine defect removal, paint refinement, or final finishing after heavy compounding steps.

  • D-A Ultra Fine White Foam Pad $13.49$16.25

    The D-A Ultra fine foam pad is our finest grade foam, designed for ultra high gloss finishing and polishing haze prone or very soft paint surfaces.  The unique material composition of the D-A Ultra Fine pad can be used for the application of sealants or waxes when no correction is required.  Pair it with UNO Pure ultra-fine universal polish to remove extremely fine defects or to bring out a show car level finish on even the most difficult-to-finish vehicles.

  • Rupes Backing Plate $49.99

    Replacement backing plate for the Rupes Big Foot Mark III, and the Big Foot ES models.  The 125MM backing plate is for the 15MM throw model and the 150mm backing plate is for the 21MM throw model.

  • -27%Limited
    Rupes Big Foot LHR15 Mark III
    Rupes Big Foot LHR15 Mark III $435.00

    The LHR15 Mark III is without question the best polishing machine ever made.  This is a staple in most of the finest detail shops in the world.  Manufactured in Colorado with Italian made components, it is a proven workhouse built for professional use.  It’s the “next generation” of the widely popular Bigfoot Random Orbital Platform and come with a massive 15mm orbit, 5-inch backing plate, and numerous other improvements.

    We’ve packaged this awesome tool with popular pads and compounds for a great starter kit for anyone interested in performing professional quality paint correction.

    Rubberized front grip for non-slip control.

    Electronic speed control allows for easy adjustment to the top speed with just a move of the thumb.

    The Progressive Trigger allows the operator to make subtle adjustments for precise control without the need to reposition the grip to adjust the speed.

    The longer cord 9 meters give the users enough length to move around the workshop without the need for extension cords.

    Technical Data:

    Backing Plate: 125mm – 5 inch

    Orbit Diameter: 15mm/19/32″

    Power Consumption: 500

    O.P.M.: 3000-5200

    Weight: 2.6kg/ 5.73 lbs

    Speed Control: Yes

    Progressive Trigger: Yes

    Spindle Thread M8-F

    Electrical Cord: 9m/ 29.6 ft.

  • -30%Limited
    Rupes Bigfoot LHR15 ES
    Rupes Big Foot LHR15ES $299.00

    The LHR15ES is the first generation of the 15mm BigFoot random orbital platform and continues to be a popular choice for enthusiasts looking for an economical option or an easy-to-approach solution for a beginner.  You can use both a 5″ and 6″ backing plate to offer the best solution for the widest variety of vehicle shapes and sizes.


    Elegant Design: The perfectly balanced machine body, the practical handgrip placement, quiet operation, and minimum vibration come together in a design that is intuitive.

    Electronic Speed Control: The specially designed electronic speed control module uses feedback from the tool’s motor output to adjust power delivery and maintain consistent operating speeds.

    Technical Data:

    Backing Pad: 125mm/ 5″

    Orbit: 15mm/19/32″

    Power: 500

    RPM: 2000-5000

    Weight: 2.5kg/ 5.51 pounds

    Speed Control: Yes

    Progressive Trigger: No

    Spindle Thread: M8-F

    Electrical Cord: 9m/29.6 feet

  • -30%Limited
    Big Foot LHR75E Mini Random Orbital
    Rupes Big Foot LHR75E Mini Random Orbital $309.00

    The LHR75E Mini’s compact size, low front end profile, and powerful correction ability make it the ideal tool for spot repairs, headlight restoration, motorcycles, and any number of specialized tasks.  The mini is a must for any detailer wishing to obtain perfect results, even in the most difficult to polish areas of a vehicle.


    The rubberized grips, short body, and low front end profile mak it ideal to address compact spaces and complex curves, even with only one hand.

    The 3″(75mm) backing plate of the Mini pairs up with the 100mm pads and the 12mm orbit to make short work the smaller areas like mirror caps, door handles, bumpers and more are the perfect surfaces to take advantage of the powerfull paint polishing combination of the Mini,

    The Mini can easily be operated with one hand by using the locking on/off switch.

    Technical Data:

    Backing Pad: 75mm/3″

    Orbit: 12mm/1/2″

    Power: 400 watts

    RPM: 4000-5500

    Weight: 2.3kg/5.07 pounds

    Speed Control: Yes

    Progressive Trigger: No

    Spindle Thread: M6-F

    Cord: 9m/29.6 feet

  • Rupes Blue Wool Pad $13.25$22.99

    The Rupes Coarse Blue Wool Pads are specially designed for sever paint defect removal.  This is our favorite cutting pad and has become our “go-to” pad for step one of most paint correction.   There are manufactured with wool fibers attached to a dense foam pad and are very easy to work with.  We recommend using either Jax Wax Perfect Cut  or Rupes Course Cutting  products with these pads.

    Step two (which is usually our last step) of paint correction features the Rupes Fine Yellow Foam pad with Rupes Uno Protect.




  • SaleLimited
    Rupes Bigfoot LHR15 ES
    Rupes Polishing System $360.00$495.00


    1 Rupes Bigfoot Polisher with a 15mm throw

    2 Course Blue Wool Pads

    2 Medium Yellow Wool Pads

    2 Fine Yellow Foam Pads

    1 Quart Uno Protect

  • Rupes Yellow Wool Pad $13.25$22.99

    The Rupes Medium Yellow Wool Pad is designed for moderate defect removal.  We sometimes use this pad for our one step paint correction jobs.  It has wool fibers attached to a flexible foam pad and when pared with Rupes Uno Protect  provides a very nice finish.  This is used quite often at car dealerships who are looking for an easy one step process to make their pre-owned inventory shine.

    For vehicles in need of more in-depth paint correction we recommend the Rupes Blue Wool Pad.


  • Uno Protect – 33.8 oz. $34.99

    RUPES UNO PROTECT is an “all-in-one” compoundpolish, and protectant that can remove light defects and leave a high-glossprotected finish, in just one-step.

    UNO PROTECT produces rapid results with minimal effort making it the ideal solution for express detail services, high-volume detail shops, car dealerships, and auctions.

    Removes moderate-to-light defects in one step. Here are the main features and benefits of the new product:

    • Polishes the surface to a high gloss shine and color depth, thanks to a rich blend of polymer, silicone, and carnauba.
    • It provides a durable protective layer, that lasts up to 90 days.
    • Easily to apply and remove.
    • Compatible with Random OrbitalGear Driven, and Rotary movements.
    • Cutting and finishing can be adjusted with pad and compound combination.
    1-liter size available
  • UNO Pure Polish – 8.45 oz. $13.99

    UNO PURE is the ONE ultra-fine finishing polish needed to create a stunning gloss on all polisher types: Gear-driven orbital, random orbital, and rotary. As the name implies, UNO PURE polishes the finish using a propriety blend of high-tech abrasives to create true gloss without the use of fillers, temporary gloss enhancers, or other masking agents. Optimized to work with BigFoot D-A Ultra-Fine pads, this amazing finishing polish is ideal for removing haze and polishing marks from the softest automotive paints and surfaces. The fantastic finishing ability and absence of filers make UNO PURE the best choice in creating show-car gloss or preparing a surface for a high-quality protective coating.

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