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  • Defend Graphene Shampoo $24.95

    Defend Car Shampoo is used to maintain your graphene-coated vehicle.  This high foaming shampoo is the safest and easiest way to clean and extend the hydrophobic properties of painted and plastic surfaces that have been coated with a graphene coating.

    Defend Car Shampoo performs excellent when used with a foam gun, foam cannon, or with a two bucket wash method.  Defend Car Shampoo can also be used on a non-coated vehicle achieving excellent results.

  • Graphene Detail Spray 16oz. $24.95

    Graphene Detailer is an innovative graphene oxide-based detail spray that will produce extreme protection and increased hydrophobic properties to all surfaces of your vehicle.

    Graphene Detailer is a great way to maintain your coated vehicle by adding incredible slickness, gloss, and unmatched protection.  Graphene Detailer is the perfect product to compliment your coated vehicle but has the ability to be used as a stand-alone sealant for non-coated vehicles producing excellent results.

  • Graphene Paste Wax $55.00

    Graphene Paste Wax is a solvent-based graphene oxide paste wax that will produce long-lasting protection and extreme glass to any painted surface.

    With increased resins and graphene oxide is added to this formula it will achieve very high levels of water beading and a very smooth glass-like finish.

    This isn’t like your old style paste was.  graphene Paste Wax is made with the highest grade ingredients in the car care industry. You will absolutely love the results.

  • Graphene Pro 10H Coating Kit $160.00

    Jax Wax Graphene Pro 10h is the next evolution to our professional coating line.  This graphene oxide coating will provide all the great characteristics of our Shield Pro 9h Ceramic Coating but even at a higher level.

    Benefits of Graphene Pro 10h:

    • 5+ years of protection
    • Higher Scratch Resistance
    • Higher Stain Resistance (bird droppings, acid rain, etc.)
    • Increased gloss and color enhancement
    • Easier to apply than traditional ceramic coatings
    • Increased contact angle up to 115 degrees
    • A universal coating that works well on all painted surfaces, plastic trim pieces, glass, and wheels
  • Paint Bull Aerosol Clear Coat Blender 11 oz. $19.99

    The Paint Bull Aerosol Blender will allow you to create a smooth and melted in blend in your clear coat finish when you are doing a panel or spot repair.

  • Paint Bull Aerosol Ground Coats $29.95$209.65

    When it comes to providing a superior topcoat finish, ground coats are an integral part of the refinish process.  By using a ground coat, you reduce the amount of color required for the repair, in fact certain colors require the use of a ground coat to achieve a proper match.   The RM Diamont paint system includes 7 different ground coats with the SmartColor software showing which one to use based on the color being sprayed.


  • Paint Bull Express Clear $17.60$140.80
    Exclusive Paint Bull Express Clear is priced low but competes with some of the most expensive clear coats on the market This clear is designed for blending and spot panel repairs while leaving a fantastic finish behind.  
    The Express Clear uses the same Standard Reducer and Standard Hardener used with most clear coats we already stock.  Because it works with the current line of reducer and hardener you can adjust it to any climate, hot or cold.
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    Rupes Bigfoot LHR15 ES
    Rupes Polishing System $360.00$495.00


    1 Rupes Bigfoot Polisher with a 15mm throw

    2 Course Blue Wool Pads

    2 Medium Yellow Wool Pads

    2 Fine Yellow Foam Pads

    1 Quart Uno Protect

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    Total Grip – Pro Works Gloves $24.95

    Protect your hands from the harsh chemicals you come in contact with daily. These heavyweight natural color disposable latex gloves are available in Large and X-Large.  These have the same fit, feel and look as the Microflex Diamond Grip Gloves we also carry.

  • Waterless Wash $4.95$15.95

    Paint Bull’s Waterless Wash is ready to use and is perfect any time of year even in the freezing cold winter months, it doesn’t freeze on the panels of the vehicle.  Waterless Wash can be used prior to starting a repair by cleaning off the dirt and dust for the panel.  It can also be used after you have completed a touch-up repair to remove the residue left behind from the Remove-A-Bull HS or other overspray removers.

  • 900 Pre Kleano- Surface Prep $6.40$102.40

    R-M 900 Pre-Kleano is a solvant cleaner that is designed to remove silicone, wax, grease, road tar, and oils. It is recommended to use this product to clean/prep an area before you begin painting. Pre-Kleano will slightly penetrate existing paint for good adhesion for the following paint coats.

  • Diamont Pre-Mix Aerosol 11 oz. $39.95

    Aerosol cans filled with high-quality RM Diamont paint mixed to your specific paint code.

    Please enter the Paint Code in the field below and add it to your cart to purchase.  To order more than one Paint Code, please enter it as a separate item into your cart.

    When ordering a three-stage color you will need to order both the base and midcoat as two seprate cans.  If you are unsure if the paint code is a three-stage color please give us a call so we can look it up for you.

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