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  • Aerosol Kicker 12 oz. $21.99

    Aerosol accelerator used to speed up the drying of cyanoacrylate, super glue, and power gel adhesives.

  • 900 Pre Kleano- Surface Prep $6.40$102.40

    R-M 900 Pre-Kleano is a solvant cleaner that is designed to remove silicone, wax, grease, road tar, and oils. It is recommended to use this product to clean/prep an area before you begin painting. Pre-Kleano will slightly penetrate existing paint for good adhesion for the following paint coats.

  • 910 Prep Cleaner $7.20$115.20

    R-M 910 Prep Cleaner solution will remove light contamination from existing paint films, and clean sanded OEM finishes, enabling good adhesion of subsequent coats. R-M 910 can be used for unpainted automotive plastic parts and/or gel-coated fiberglass and can be used as anti-static pretreatment before adhesion promoter application, primer or topcoat application.

  • AM800 Spot Primer- Gray – 11.3 oz. $29.49

    AM800 Spot Prime is a 1K, fast drying, easy sanding primer that provides excellent adhesion plus good color hold-out. AM800 can be applied over cured, cleaned and sanded paint finishes and bare steel.

  • PB Clean-A-Bull $6.00$96.00

    Solvent based cleaner used to remove any comtaminants from surfaces to be painted and to promote good adhesion.

  • Evercoat Glazing Putty 20 oz. & Hardener .75 oz. $78.95

    The original polyester glazing putty. Can be applied directly to bare metal, body filler, fiberglass, and fully cured sanded topcoats. Easily fills grind marks, pinholes, low spots, and other minor imperfections. Contains ZNX-7™ for superior adhesion to galvanized steel, bare steel, aluminum, SMC, E-Coat and OEM finishes. No shrinkage. Easy dry. Reduces the risk of staining. Cream hardener included.

    item # 100400

  • Evercoat Rage Gold Body Filler $75.95$208.95

    Evercoat’s easiest sanding body filler. The unsurpassed sanding qualities are attributed to Hattonite, a unique ingredient which reduces heat and friction created by aggressive sanding. Rage Gold also contains ZNX-7 for adhesion to galvanized steel and aluminum. Plus, it’s stain resistant for use with basecoat/clearcoat paints. Part of the MetalWorks System. Blue cream hardener included.

  • PB Lube-A-Bull $2.95

    Water based lubricant used with a leveling blade during chip repair. Lube A Bull is also used on paint gun triggers to help keep spray guns working at their peak.

  • Power Gel – 20 gram $10.50

    Power Gel is a thick cyanoacrylate adhesive. Recommended to be used where maximum filling or heavy texture is required. Can also be used to fix vinyl in areas where flexibility is not essential or for thin vinyl where heat can not be used. For example, cracks in armrests, dashes, door panels or console covers.

  • Red Spot Putty $21.95

    Evercoat Red Spot Putty is used in filling minor imperfections, such as pin holes

  • PB Remove A Bull H.S. $8.95$67.95

    Remove A Bull H.S. is a liquid product used to remove excess paint around chips or scratches when doing touch up that will not damage the underlying paint. Remove-A-Bull will leave the vehicle with a high gloss and will not scratch.

  • PB Repair Resin $2.95

    Used with curing resin to fill in cracks to even out the surface. Size 7/8oz.

  • Scuff Stuff $39.95

    Scuff Stuff saves time and helps professionals abrade and clean with less effort.  Scuff Stuff enhances coating adhesion by ensuring cleanliness and consistent surface profiling.  This helps coatings spread flatter and bond more securely to the treated surface.  Use Scuff Stuff to prepare blend and hard to reach areas.  Scuff stuff is ideal for cleaning and abrading urethane bumpers.  Special abrasives will not cause swelling in blend areas.  

  • SEM Flexible Primer Surfacer $22.49

    Used when coating urethanes, plastics, and other similar substrates. It is a single component primer surfacer and its high solids formulation means faster build. Sands easily, top-coat with most automotive refinish material.

  • PB Shine-A-Bull $24.95

    Used to remove any excess Remove-A-Bull after the CM process. When used properly it is a quick wax that will produce a high gloss finish. Formulated to work with Remove-A-Bull HS to restore original shine after a touch up.

  • PB TSR- Tough Scuff Remover $9.95$82.95

    T.S.R’s product formulation removes bugs, tar, tree sap, and road grime from your car’s finish and restores a deep gloss shine. The formula clings to vertical surfaces, allowing it to penetrate for better cleaning performance. Not only will it clean, this product also leaves a shiny protective wax barrier that helps prevent future bugs and grime from sticking to exterior surfaces.

  • AM960- Spot Blender – 10.6 oz. $69.53

    AM960 is a 1K aerosol spot blender that provides a smooth edge of the clearcoat repair area. AM960 is a intergral tool for quickly repairing damaged areas up to 1.5″ in diameter.

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