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  • Paint Bull Aerosol Clear Coat Blender 11 oz. $19.99

    The Paint Bull Aerosol Blender will allow you to create a smooth and melted in blend in your clear coat finish when you are doing a panel or spot repair.

  • Paint Bull Aerosol Ground Coats $29.95$209.65

    When it comes to providing a superior topcoat finish, ground coats are an integral part of the refinish process.  By using a ground coat, you reduce the amount of color required for the repair, in fact certain colors require the use of a ground coat to achieve a proper match.   The RM Diamont paint system includes 7 different ground coats with the SmartColor software showing which one to use based on the color being sprayed.


  • Diamont Pre-Mix Aerosol 11 oz. $39.95

    Aerosol cans filled with high-quality RM Diamont paint mixed to your specific paint code.

    Please enter the Paint Code in the field below and add it to your cart to purchase.  To order more than one Paint Code, please enter it as a separate item into your cart.

    When ordering a three-stage color you will need to order both the base and midcoat as two seprate cans.  If you are unsure if the paint code is a three-stage color please give us a call so we can look it up for you.

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