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  • Drill Bits 5 pk $14.75

    Used for opening up tight impact points so the resin can flow into the break.

  • End Seals- White $12.95

    End seals are often taken for granted, yet they can be the determining factor in performing a quality windshield repair. Through the use of superior materials and our proprietary molding process, these end seals have an exceptional seal that outperforms the competition.

    5 per pack

  • Injector Piston Seal $8.50

    Fits on the injector piston to form an airtight seal with the injector.

    5 per pack

  • Injector Seals- White $10.00

    Replacements for the external seals on injectors. Made from soft silicone for easy sealing between injector and glass surface without the need for excessive injector pressure. White in color so the technician can easily see any air still trapped in the break.

    10 per pack

  • Inner Seals- Red $8.25

    Replaces the inner seal of our crack injectors. Get a superior seal over the old black o-rings used by others.

    5 per pack

  • Lower Piston Seal $8.25

    Compatible with the Glassweld Windshield Repair Kit. Small rubber seal for the lower piston.

    6 per pack

  • PB Pit Filler $25.00

    The viscosity of Pit Filler bridges the gap between traditional pit fillers and higher viscosity plate glass resins. It’s the perfect resin for filling large or small surface chips, or capping a large pit prior to injecting low viscosity resin into the damaged glass.

    15 ml bottle

  • PB Pit Polish $6.60

    Used to shine up the pit filler for a professional finish.

    15 ml bottle

  • PB Stone Chip Resin $25.00

    Packaged in15ml glass bottle. Delivers superior bonding strength, excellent optical clarity, quick curing properties and low acrylic acid content. Good for all weather conditions.

    15 ml bottle

  • Upper Piston Seal $10.00

    Compatible with the Glassweld Windshield Repair Kit. Large black seal that fits onto the piston.


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