Headlight Supplies

  • 3″ Backing Plate – Buffer $22.00

    3″  backing plate for a curved edge pad with hook and loop system for quick and secure pad attachment. Fits full size polishers.

  • 3″ Backing Plate- Sander $33.50
    3″ sanding backing plate with hook and loop fasteners to securely hold 3″ sanding disc. Constructed on foam material to absorb some of the vibration of the tool to reduce hand fatigue and improve operator control.
  • 3″ Round Hook & Loop Sandpaper $0.45$0.50

    Our hook and loop sanding discs are designed for very fine blending and feathering.  The hook and loop fasteners attach to any standard 3 hook and loop backing plate. 

  • 3″ Round Hook & Loop Sandpaper 50 Pack $22.50$25.00

    Paint Bull Sandpaper is available in 80, 240, 400, 600, 1000, and 1500 Grit. 3″ sandpaper

  • 3″ Wool Pad $9.95
    3″ wool pad for palm sander. Most comonly used in combination with the headlight compund to buff out headlight lenses. Sold Individually- Compatible with palm sander
  • Clear Slicker $45.00

    Clear Slicker is a two part UV layer. It’s an easy wipe-on and let cure formula. The catalyst that is used in combination with the clear wipe to add gloss to the restored headlight lenses.

  • Clear Wipe $45.00

    Clear Wipe is a two part UV layer. It’s and easy wipe-on and let cure formula. A UV protectant that is used to protect the plastic from excessive sunlight damage. This product is used in combination with Clear Slicker

  • PB Headlight Cleaner $34.95

    Headlight cleaner quickly extracts yellow from surface and hard to reach areas. Use the headlight cleaner to remove compound residuals and to prep the lens for the Clear Wipe application.Cleaner used in the process of restoring headlights. Spray the cleaner on the lenses wait 10 minutes and then rinse with water.

  • PB Headlight Compound $16.00

    Compound polishes away stripper scratches. Buffing compound used as the last step when removing damage on the headlight and lenses.

  • PB Headlight Re-Supply Kit $99.00

    This kit includes 8 oz Clear Wipe, 8 oz Clear Slicker and 32 oz bottle of Headlight Cleaner

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