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  • 3M 7026 Large Respirator Mask Assembly $25.95
    • Offers reliable and convenient respiratory protection and is suitable for many situations
    • Helps provide protection against particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapors according to NIOSH approvals
    • Respirator is reusable
    • Allows for replacement filter cartridges to be used (sold separately)
    • Use with Item #400982
  • 3M 7046 Organic Vapor Cartridge 2 pack $22.95
    • NIOSH approved for protection against certain organic vapors
    • Swept-back design allows an enhanced field of view and comfort
    • Bayonet compatibility allows use with many 3M half and full facepiece designs
    • A wide range of applications reduces inventory needs
    • Use with Item #400981
  • Aerosol Kicker 12 oz. $21.99

    Aerosol accelerator used to speed up the drying of cyanoacrylate, super glue, and power gel adhesives.

  • Smoke and Odor Destroyer $24.95

    Permanently destroys odors caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, cigarette smoke, and pets.  Deep penetrating via quick-release vapor, eco-friendly green technology, deodorizes and Decontaminates the interior of any vehicle.


    Read and follow directions carefully

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    Total Grip – Pro Works Gloves $24.95

    Protect your hands from the harsh chemicals you come in contact with daily. These heavyweight natural color disposable latex gloves are available in Large and X-Large.  These have the same fit, feel and look as the Microflex Diamond Grip Gloves we also carry.

  • 2″ Curved Needle $5.95

    Curved needle is better for heavier weight fabrics and makes it easier to fix the hard to reach places compared to a strait needle.

  • 300 Ft. Roll- Protective Carpet Plastic- Pre-Printed “Dealer Must Remove” $137.99

    Protect carpet from soil, wear and weather with tear and puncture resistant plastic film. Our plastic auto carpet protective film is strong, durable and designed with excellent adhesion for up to 45 days.

    Plastic carpet protection film protects freshly cleaned or dyed carpets and give used cars a new car look and feel. Self-adhesive carpet cover protection film is printed with ‘Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover’ in the industry standard rectangular pattern.

  • Bent Nose Tweezers $7.95

    Bent nose tweezers are used to apply velour fibers while repairing damage for interior repairs. 

  • Bottle For Preval Sprayer $0.95

    Disposable bottel to mix base colors and other repair chemicals to be srayed with the Preval Sprayer.

  • Chill Bar $39.95

    Used  to cool cured compound during the repair process allowing you to spread more compound without it curing to quickly. This allow you to finish a repair faster. Height- 2″ Length- 6″ Flat on top and bottom

  • Color Wheel Mixing Guide $10.95

    Color reference chart to help acheive the correct color when mixing.

  • Colored Markers $39.95

    Used to color pattern in seats when the damage is too small to repair by dyeing.

  • Dacron $3.95

    Stuffing material used to fill in holes in auto interior upholstry. 

  • Glass Fiberette $24.95

    The Glass Fiberette is a velour atomizer. The squeeze bulb puffer is connected to a 1 oz. glass jar.  The squeezable bulb helps suck the fibers thru the tubing, giving you a fine spray of fiber over your repair

  • MicroFlex Gloves-Latex Pkg of 100 $29.95

    Diamond Gloves available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large to protect your hands from chemicals and paint.

    Out of stock

  • Mesh $8.75

    Used to weld patches into vinyl.

  • Mini Mesh Welder $59.95

    Used to weld mesh in vinyl.

  • Paint Strainers $1.80$32.00

    Nylon mesh paint strainers to filter imperfections in paints and varnishes.

    Out of stock

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