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  • Aerosol Kicker 12 oz. $21.99

    Aerosol accelerator used to speed up the drying of cyanoacrylate, super glue, and power gel adhesives.

  • Catalyst 1/4 oz. $8.69
    Catalyst is used to harden graining mold compound. Recommended use is 6 to 8 drops of the catalyst with aproximately 1 ounce of the graining compound.
  • Clear Base Velour Adhesive 4 oz. $21.99

    Clear Base Velour Adhesive is a thick clear fast dry solvent base adhesive for velour and carpet repairs. Excellent adhesion and flexibility.

  • PB Crosslinker 4 oz. $16.50
    Crosslinker is an additive for OEM interior dyes that improves adhesion, abrasion, chemical and humidity resistance to leather and vinyl coatings.

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  • PB Debonder 2 oz. $8.39

    A debonding agent used to break down fast acting adhesivse for wet sanding or removal.

  • Dulling Agent 4 oz. $14.69
    Dulling Agent is a self-adhering water base flattening agent for lo-gloss or no-gloss leather and vinyl finishes. Recommended application is to add from 5% to 35% to base coat color or top coat clear, depending on amount of flatness desired.
  • PB Graining Compound 4 oz. $20.99
    A white silicone compound used for making grain impressions. Recommended application is using approximately one ounce of grain compound per pad, mix with six to eight drops of the catalyst, then pour the compound on the area you wish to duplicate the grain. Spread evenly with a palette knife and let dry. A piece of vinyl can be placed on the grain compound, allow to dry to together. Trim after drying, approx. 10 minutes.
  • Hi Wear Satin Top Coat 12 oz. $21.95

    An easy to use water based aerosol flexible clear coatings. The finish is a satin gloss. Sold in a 12oz aerosol can.

  • PB Hi-Gloss Top Coat 8 oz. $18.79
    Apply  to repair areas that are in high use to lengthen the durability of the repair. The top coat gives a high gloss appearance.
  • PB Interior Paint Additive- IPA 4 oz. $16.95

    100% Clear additive to mix with your solvent based paint to make a ready to spray interior dye for leather, vinyl, hard plastic and even carpet.  

  • PB Leather Adhesion Promoter 4 oz. $14.49
    Leather Adhesion Promoter is used to promote adhesion of dye when refinishing leather. Recommended application is adding 15% to 25% to the dye.   
  • PB Leather Bond Adhesive 4 oz. $16.79

    Air dry adhesive to bond damaged leather back together. This product has exceptional adhesion to leather keeping the repair flexible and durable. May use low heat to speed drying.

  • PB Leather Paste 2 oz. $11.49
    Leather Paste, an air dry product, is used to fill minor damage to leather and may also be used as a sealer for leather.
  • PB Leather Soft Fill 4 oz. $20.99
    A topcoat filler for creased or cracked leather. Exceptional adhesion to leather – Outstanding flexibility and durability – Spreads and feathers out extremely well – Natural look and feel – Sandable with 600 grit sandpaper
  • PB Master Clean $29.95

    Formulated all purpose cleaner, great for interior and exterior cleaning. A degreaser, desgined to remove petroluem based stains such as grease, grime, and oil. 

  • PB Master Clean 2 – Gallon $27.95
    PB Master Clean 2 is a highly effective enzyme cleaner designed to break down organic stains to thoroughly clean carpet or fabric.  It contains protease enzymes that break down protein-based stains such as food, grass, soil, blood, and pet stains, and helps remove them permanently.
  • PB Pro Clean Leather Cleaner $14.95$49.95

    A water based light duty cleaner for all leathers. Cleans without removing color (always test a small area first). Can be used on all leathers, including aniline or suede leather.

  • Red-B-Gone Gallon $27.95
    Removes red colored stains on upholstry by drawing the red color to a towel by using an iron. Used for red stains such as kid’s drinks, soft drinks and wine.
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