Paint Bull provides a wide range of products to finish off your paint repair. Check out the different types of Clear Coats, Reducers, Hardeners, Activators, and Primers Paint Bull carries.

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  • DC92 High Solids Clear $22.40$358.40
  • DH 46 Normal Hardener $63.20$252.80
  • Paint Bull Aerosol Clear Coat Blender 11 oz. $19.99

    The Paint Bull Aerosol Blender will allow you to create a smooth and melted in blend in your clear coat finish when you are doing a panel or spot repair.

  • Paint Bull Aerosol Ground Coats $29.95$209.65

    When it comes to providing a superior topcoat finish, ground coats are an integral part of the refinish process.  By using a ground coat, you reduce the amount of color required for the repair, in fact certain colors require the use of a ground coat to achieve a proper match.   The RM Diamont paint system includes 7 different ground coats with the SmartColor software showing which one to use based on the color being sprayed.


  • Paint Bull Express Clear $17.60$140.80
    Exclusive Paint Bull Express Clear is priced low but competes with some of the most expensive clear coats on the market This clear is designed for blending and spot panel repairs while leaving a fantastic finish behind.  
    The Express Clear uses the same Standard Reducer and Standard Hardener used with most clear coats we already stock.  Because it works with the current line of reducer and hardener you can adjust it to any climate, hot or cold.
  • Paint Bull Express Clear Sample Pack $16.20

    We are offering a try it size of the Paint Bull Express Clearcoat along with the reducer and hardener.

    Sample kit includes:
    8 oz. Paint Bull Express Clear Coat
    2 oz. RM Diamont DH 14 Hardener
    2 oz. RM Diamont UR 50 Reducer

  • AM800 Spot Primer- Gray – 11.3 oz. $29.49

    AM800 Spot Prime is a 1K, fast drying, easy sanding primer that provides excellent adhesion plus good color hold-out. AM800 can be applied over cured, cleaned and sanded paint finishes and bare steel.

  • LP600 Primer- Spot Primer $8.80$140.80

    Limco 600 1K Gray Acrylic Primer is a non-settling, fast-drying, easy sanding, flexible primer that meets the U.S. National Rule and provides excellent adhesion plus good color hold-out.

  • UBR200 Blending Solvent- Spot Blender $28.40$119.99

    Diamont UBR200 Universal Blending Solvent was developed specifically to allow you to blend in an area of clear over a small repair.

  • Matador Clear $45.95$183.95

    Matador Clearcoat exhibits excellent gloss and DOI (Distinctness of Image). It is ideal for spot and panel repairs and provides fast build in two coats.

    ONLY Compatible With:

    Matador Activator

  • Matador Clear Kit $265.00

    Matador Clearcoat exhibits excellent gloss and DOI (Distinctness of Image). It is ideal for spot and panel repairs and provides fast build in two coats.

    This kit consists of a gallon of Matador Clear and a Quart of Matador Activator.

  • Matador Activator $27.95$88.95

    Matador Activator is used as the hardener for our Matador Clear. **Choose slow for 80+ degree temperatures.**

  • PB1 Reducer- Paint Reducer $12.80$204.80

    Reducer/thinner for basecoats, so they are more sprayable (works fast) ***SLOW available for temps 80+ degrees***

  • PB2 Clear- Clearcoat $25.12$401.92

    High End clearcoat, protective for basecoat. Non-pigmented paint used as a topcoat for basecoats colors when doing Micropatch. PB2 Clear is ideally suited as a repair clear, has high mechanical and chemical resistance and is a high solids product.

    PB2 Clear is mixed with PB2 Hardener and PB2 Reducer to produce a clear coat.

    When mixed it has a pot life of 60- 90 minutes so equipment should be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

    ONLY Compatible With:


    PB2 Hardener

    PB2 Reducer 

  • PB2 Hardener- Hardener for Clearcoat $50.56$202.24

    Required, used as a catalyst. It also insures durability and helps to achieve a high gloss. ***SLOW available temps 80+ degrees***

  • PB2 Reducer- Reducer for Clearcoat $12.80$204.80

    Used to thin clearcoats and primers to make them more sprayable and dry faster.

  • Prime-A-Bull $19.80$316.80

    (Grey) 1K primer/sealer (one-step- no need for catalyst/hardener)

  • SEM Flexible Primer Surfacer $22.49

    Used when coating urethanes, plastics, and other similar substrates. It is a single component primer surfacer and its high solids formulation means faster build. Sands easily, top-coat with most automotive refinish material.

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